I was speaking with a nurse practitioner that I admire the other day. We were speaking about our similar goals of raising strong independent daughters.

She said her advice to her daughter is always;

Run your own race.

So wise. So applicable to women of all ages. So sage for women everywhere.

Often, especially as women, we get stuck in the trap of comparing ourselves to people or norms around us.

Sometimes the comparisons are completely ridiculous, like when we’re comparing our skin to the 17 year old who’s face graces the anti-aging cream in the magazines….of course she looks great…she’s 17!

Or when we compare how “easy” it is for our husbands to drop a few pounds, but for us it seems like an uphill slog.

Who hasn’t stood on the scale and compared the number between her feet with the number from “back in her twenties”?

None of those comparisons moves you forward to achieving your goal.

In fact they have the opposite effect. They have the effect of showing you how futile even trying is. They’re depressing.

The good news is none of it’s true, it’s just thoughts you’re having in the moment.

That’s your brain trying to trick you into not changing anything , because as we all know so well…your brain has 3 primary goals all aimed at keeping you alive…

      • Seek pleasure
      • Avoid pain
      • Be efficient

Comparing yourself to others keeps you safe from change, and pain…plus it’s super efficient to never rock the boat.

Problem is, it also keeps you from the much greater pleasure of reaching your goals.

Losing weight. Improving your health. Increasing your energy.

You could be thinking about what you were doing. How it was working. What could be better?

Be curious about your own journey, because that’s the only one you have any control over.

What did you do today? Did it get you closer to where you want to go or not?

What were your results? Do you like them?

What did you learn?

What could you do better or more of tomorrow?

Run your race my friend.

Celebrate your successes.

Resist the urge to make them not that important because someone else is farther ahead.

Run your own race like it was the most important thing ever…it is.

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