Today I offer you my simple, practical tip for delicious “fast food” in less than 2 minutes.


It’s called “Salad Bar in the Fridge”.


It’s probably not anything new, but if you have never thought of it for yourself, it’s genius.


Start by purchasing several delicious, flavorful veggies at the store. Include a couple types of leafy greens, red and yellow peppers, English cucumbers, interesting radishes (Daikon or Korean are 2 of my favorites), avocados, mushrooms, carrots, grape tomatoes, etc.


Whatever you like.


These are just ideas to get you started, you can go crazy.


The first week is the most time consuming.


Once you have everything home, you will prep each vegetable separately so it is ready to be added to a salad (diced, sliced, etc.) and place it in a clear glass container.


The leafy greens can be cut into bite sized pieces and tossed together in a large bowl, then transfered if desired to a smaller bowl for the fridge. (I line the bottoms of my lettuce container and the mushroom container with a paper towel to keep the contents fresher for longer and cover tightly with Saran type wrap.)


You can also grate a container of cheese  to be used as a garnish on your salad (if you like cheese that is).


More ideas are, black olives, bacon bits or chopped salami, shredded rotisserie chicken, hard boiled eggs, artichoke hearts, green peas, beets….


Really, your own taste buds are the limit when prepping your salad bar.


Perhaps a container of salty chopped nuts to garnish your salads with.


Keep a variety of your favorite salad dressings on hand.

Chunky Blue Cheese, Italian, Ranch are my go to favorites.


Basic criteria for salads and dressings is no sugar, no flour.


When it comes to the dressings be mindful that if there is sugar involved it is down at least at #6 or 7 on the list of ingredients.


When you get hungry for a meal, or its time to pack lunch, simply pull out the containers, put some of each in the bowl, and top with dressing. In less than 60 seconds you’ll  have an amazing meal.


For Meals on the go;


When  packing a lunch to eat later, you can prepare what is referred to as an “upside down” salad.


Place the dressing in the bowl first, followed by the heavier ingredients, cheese, meat, avocados, etc. then moving up the spectrum to the cucumbers, peppers, radishes, etc. and finishing with the leafy greens.


When you are ready to eat lunch, everything is crisp and nice.


Toss it briefly and enjoy your gourmet chopped salad.


Because you’ll use up your ingredients at different paces, once the salad bar is in place, it often only takes a few minutes to half an hour per week to refill individual salad bar containers with fresh chopped ingredients.


There you are.


These salads are so delicious and satisfying that you may want one for lunch and one for dinner.



If you are a fan of omelettes, several of the ingredients in your salad bar can easily be added to a couple eggs in a pan for a nutritious warm meal.


Bon appetite!