Do you find yourself being really good at starting new things?

Making the decision.

Getting all revved up.

Only to fizzle to a stop at the first sign of resistance?


Welcome to the club.

It happens to a lot of people.


You see, we are creatures of habit.

We like to think of ourselves as flexible and dynamic.

But the truth is, most of what we do is the same old, same old thing over and over again.


It’s easy to get into the habit of quitting.

Then you get to feel guilty.

And because you have a habit of feeling guilty when you quit things…

It’s like scratching an itch you didn’t even realize you had.


It sucks when you realize what’s been going on.

Actually, it only sucks for a minute.

Because you, are a smart sassy individual and you get to decide if quitting is how you want to get your itch scratched.


Just knowing what is happening, gives you to window of clarity to switch it up.


How about the next time you feel ready to toss in the towel, you take a moment to reflect.

Realize it is just part of your journey

Give a nod to the urge to quit, thank it for showing up,

Then politely ask it to sit down and shut up.


You’re on a mission, girl.


To get good at succeeding, keep moving forward.


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