In moments of quiet, it is lovely to do a little self-reflection to honestly check in with yourself and see how far you have come.

The habitual tendency has been to default to that critical voice in our head that repeats all the crappy stuff we have always said to ourselves.

But when you take the time to notice, (even if the scale hasn’t budged quite as much as you would hope for), what you have learned, it is an entirely different experience. You have learned  to listen to your own body. To determine with greater accuracy and increased frequency, exactly how hungry you are.

And what about that time you laid your fork down when you knew you were full, and didn’t polish off those last three bites?

And the day you threw the remains of your meal into the garbage instead of “waisting” the food inside your body?

Have you started to notice that certain types of food work better to keep you fueled, and that you feel better when you eat them?

Are you starting to realize your old favorite treats don’t seem as much like treats anymore?

Or that you can get all the joy you need in just a few bites?

Because the road to Permanent Weight Loss isn’t a flash in the pan journey. It is a road of discovery.

When you reach your destination, it is imperative that YOU are a different person than the one who started the journey.

That is the reason it is Permanent Weight Loss.

You are now an improved version of the you who started out.

You have new habits, new responses to stressors, and new voices in your head.

You have increased happiness, self-confidence, and you feel in control.

There were days when it all seemed to go to hell, but you learned that a “bad” day no longer is a reason to chuck it all in.

And the crazy thing…other parts of your life seem to be going better, too.

Because being overweight was never just about the food. It was always about why we were eating the food, the stories we were telling ourselves, and the misery we were shoving down with the food.

So, welcome to the bold new you.

You are beautiful, valuable, and loved.