At this time of year it seems natural to look ahead and dream of the things we want to do in the coming year.

For years I would come to this time of year and think, “why shoot for something that probably won’t happen. Better just wait and see how it goes.”

But I have spent a good deal of time and introspection this year, and the one thing I learned to be true…

If I swing for the fences, double down and go all in, dream big and take a flying leap, I have a much better chance of getting what I want, than if idle on the sidelines.

Not going for it, is the same as “failing ahead of time”.

As my mentor said to me, “what’s the worst thing that can happen if you fail?”

It’s not losing all my money, or financial ruin, or ‘looking stupid’….sure all those things would totally suck big time.

It would be that I didn’t even give myself the chance to find out what was possible for myself. That I failed ahead of time.

It’s the health and wealth and happiness that I could have had, but never even took a shot at.

So this year I am making some big resolutions. I am dreaming big.

That is what I wish for all of you, too. That you dare to dream big about health, wealth, happiness, or whatever floats your boat.

If you knew ahead of time that you would accomplish your goals, that it was 100% certain, that failure wasn’t an option, what would you dream for in 2018?

Would you allow yourself to dream big?

Take the leap?

Go for it one more time?

I would love to hear from all of you. About your goals, your impossible dreams.

What would you do in 2018 if you knew ahead of time, that it was totally possible?

I am sending you all love and positive energy, because I hope that all of your dreams do come true.

The whole Universe will benefit from the uplifting of joy that we would cause.

So thank-you, thank-you for all being on this crazy ride with me this year. Next year is full of so much promise and joy to come.

Happy New Years!!

(And stay hydrated)