Oh, if only it were that easy….. Well what if it were?

Here’s the deal, Americans by and large are incredibly sleep deprived.

And the data is in…it’s really bad for you.

I was searching the internet and came up with this article from 2007 in the Sleep Medicine Review, that said


The prevalence of diabetes and obesity is increasing at an alarming rate worldwide, and the causes of this pandemic are not fully understood. Chronic sleep curtailment is a behavior that has developed over the past 2–3 decades. Laboratory and epidemiological studies suggest that sleep loss may play a role in the increased prevalence of diabetes and/or obesity. Current data suggest the relationship between sleep restriction, weight gain and diabetes risk may involve at least three pathways: (1) alterations in glucose metabolism; (2) upregulation of appetite; and (3) decreased energy expenditure. The present article reviews the current evidence in support of these three mechanisms that might link short sleep and increased obesity and diabetes risk.

Now that may be too much science for you, but Holy Hell Hannah!

This is saying you can go to bed an hour or so earlier and with this one simple step help reduce your weight and pre-disposition to diabetes.

Hello comfy bed!!

The Better Sleep Council lists the following as the hidden cost of missing sleep;

  1.  Depression
  2.  Unattractiveness
  3.  Skin aging
  4.  Weight Gain
  5.  Less Sex
  6.  More disagreements
  7.  Marital dissatisfaction

I draw your attention to #3, #4, #5.

Hello comfy bed!!!

And once you wake up from your delightful, restful sleep all re-charged and ready to go, if you still find yourself with cravings and episodes of over-eating, get ahold of me, we will review what else is going on, and iron out those wrinkles, too.

But do the easy stuff first. Go get a nap….