Today I have a true story to tell.

Not so long ago, there were 2 women.


Both women were in their 50’s. Both women had a chunk of weight to lose.


They had been friends for 25 years. They had dieted together, raised kids together, had careers, and commiserated.


They both fervently wanted to lose weight.


Especially the weight that had packed on around their bellies.


They would sit around over drinks and snacks on Friday after work, hatching plans for their next assault on their weight.


In fact, thinking about their weight, what to eat or not to eat, looking for diets that included wine, took up a considerable amount of their time.


Woman #1 opted for the newest diet craze, something that she could commit to for 30 days.

She read all the directions, bought all the food, and slogged through the 30 days, always having the thought, “oh my god, I can’t wait to get my hands on _________ (glass of wine, piece of pizza, chunk of chocolate cake, etc.). And, “If I see another bowl of steamed broccoli I am going to lose my mind!” Woman #1 loses 12 pounds in the 30 days. She is delighted and goes out to celebrate with wine, dinner, and dessert. When wakes up the next day and she cannot face returning to the restrictive plan of the last 30 days. She resumes her normal eating style, vowing to keep it under control, but within a month she is right back where she started.


Woman #2 decides it’s going to be different this time. It’s also going to be the last time she ever loses the weight.

She’s committed to making the necessary changes, but in a much slower fashion. She first decides on one step to take, one she knows she will do, and can do for the rest of her life. Once that is mastered, she picks another thing and masters that. She has decided ahead of time that her goal is a done deal, and even if she has a day that falls completely to shit, she will get back up and keep moving towards the goal line. She realizes that failures do not define her, they are learning opportunities, and she keeps moving forward. It takes Woman #2 a full 8 months to eventually reach her goal of losing her 50#.


She didn’t mind, because during the process she learned so much about herself and how to manage her own mind, her urges, her emotions, that she knows without a doubt she could never return to the way it was before.


The side benefits for Woman #2 were;

  • She found she had so much extra time in her life once she was no longer thinking about weight and food all the time.
  • She also stopped having those horrible pains in her knees when she went down the stairs.
  • Her blood sugars normalized to a point that her doctor was no longer warning her about diabetes.
  • All talk of blood pressure medications went away.
  • P.S she looked great in her new summer dress!
  • She saved time and money by dealing with the one thing she had absolute control over, what she put into her mouth.


Woman #2’s success was practically guaranteed, because she sought out the help of a coach.

  • One who specialized in weight loss.
  • One who had already found success doing the things she was teaching.
  • One who could be her support through the journey.
  • Someone who had been where she was going and knew the way


Is 2018 the year you are going to put the struggle to rest for the last time?


If you can’t imagine arriving at New Year’s Eve one more time, only to set the same goal, give me a call. Let’s talk.

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Let’s see what it would take for you to gain the same freedom as Woman #2.

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My name is Dani Bates and I am a Certified Weight Loss and Life Coach, Who just happens to have 24 years of experience being a Physical Therapist as well. I’ve seen first hand how important it is for each person to be actively engaged in their own health.

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