Welcome back to my month of June series:

The Basics of Weight Loss.

The 4 Types of Eating is such a brilliant concept.

This is the secret sauce to banishing “deprivation” and “diet mentality” from your life forever

Combining the 4 Types of Eating with the Hunger Scale (check out previous blogs if you missed these) for real Physical Hunger, and you have everything you need to be your own diet guru.

1. Fuel Eating.

This is eating to fuel your body with the highest quality nutrients to keep it running at peak performance. This is primarily quality protein, good fats, and vegetables. Fruits, and unprocessed carbohydrates are used sparingly, but still included.

Eat to fuel your body 90% of the time.

2. Joy Eating.

Ah! I love this part….this is eating for the sheer and absolute joy of eating.

Flaky apple puff pastries, triple chocolate layer cake, a bacon cheese burger with fries, or salt and vinegar chips, it doesn’t matter, you get to choose.

There is nothing that is off limits, so there is no deprivation. And because it is only 10% of your eating, there is never any reason to feel guilt, shame or remorse for doing it.

3. Fog Eating.

Now here’s where the problems begin. Fog eating is mindless eating.

It’s eating while doing something else, like reading a book, watching tv or being at the movies.

You’re not paying attention to what’s going in your mouth, you only realize how much you’ve eaten when your hand hits the bottom of the bowl, jar or bag.

It’s kind of like eating behind your own back.

Notice all the times when you might be fog eating and just don’t do it.

4.Storm Eating.

This is basically an eating frenzy. You realize it’s happening but you feel powerless to stop.

People often think, “I don’t do that”, but have you ever come home and been so hungry that you opened the fridge or cupboard and just fell onto the food like a hungry wolf?

Or started to eat a small serving of, lets say popcorn. You start out all dainty and lady-like, eating pieces one at a time, but before long your shoving handfuls into your mouth?

Eating so much and so quickly that your stomach doesn’t have time to catch up and send the signal that you’ve had enough?

The idea is to stop a storm eat as quickly as possible. Then just move on.

Eat your next meal when you get hungry, just like normal. There should never be a punishment or recrimination for a storm eat.

Notice what triggers precede a storm eat, then come up with strategies to eliminate them.


Next week I am going to introduce you to the Food Journal.


It’s a wonderful tool to help you see your own eating patterns. Find out what time of the day might pose the biggest challenges, etc.


When you put all 4 of the strategies to work for you, you’ll discover the eating freedom you’ve always wanted.


See you next week!


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