Dani Bates Coaching

The question I get most often is?

Do you put people on custom diet plans?

Or, if they know about my history of being a Physical Therapist for the past 24 years,

they wonder if I do custom work out plans.

And the answer to both questions is NO.

In this day and age, anyone can hop on a computer and within minutes have a vast array of diets and eating plans to pick from. Vegan, low-fat, low-carb, heart healthy, slow-carb, Paleo, you name it.

If for some reason the computer is not your jam, you will have many choices at the grocery check-out line, or you can browse shelf after shelf at the library, or any bookstore.

What I do is completely different.

We all know WHAT to do, the PROBLEM is the thoughts we are thinking.

Let me explain.

As soon as a person starts a Diet, they

1. Agree to an external set of rules

2. Agree to limit or avoid certain food groups

3. Perhaps severely restrict caloric intake


But the thing is, you also come to the Diet with

1. An entire life of eating history and preferences

2. Beliefs about what is and isn’t possible

3. Likes and dislikes

4. And a shit ton of regular day to day stuff to do

The result is within a few days (sometimes hours…because who hasn’t vowed to go on some restrictive diet right after some holiday or binge of some sort, only to fold before noon of day number 1?), or weeks the deprivation and restrictions just become too much.

We think the reason is because:

1. We are lazy

2. Undisciplined

3. Have no will power or self-control

4. Or it is just our lot in life to be fat, so what the hell am I killing myself for this?

And this is where The Model comes in. And by the way, The Model works for anything, it just so happens I choose to use it to free women from the continual self-beatings and self-loathing.

The Model:

C= circumstance. A circumstance is a neutral fact.

T=thought. A sentence in your head about the fact

F=feeling. One word. A sensation or vibration in the body you get from the thought you are thinking about the circumstance

A=action. The thing you do or do not do based on your feeling.

R=result. The outcome of your action or inaction. It will ALWAYS align with your thought.

Let me demonstrate; I am going to suggest a circumstance, then ask you what the first thing you think about that. Don’t censor your thought and say what you are “supposed to be thinking”, say what your true first thought is.

C= Donuts





Now let’s say your goal is to be indifferent to donuts, now how does the model look

C= Donuts


F= indifferent



The reason this is important, and I can’t stress this enough,

If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently you need to be mentally clean.

In the real world there will always be birthday parties, weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Super-bowl Parties, families, good days and bad days, you are going to face challenges. Most of us want to participate in all these events, not sit sadly on the sidelines with carrot sticks and mineral water.

To be able to join in with wild abandon we just have to clean up some thought errors.

Thought errors are just thoughts that you have had so many times that you think they are facts.

But they are not.

And here’s the thing, there are 3 main things your primitive brain is concerned with;



3. Pleasure

Regarding efficiency, your brain is brilliant. If long ago it associated donuts with being a forbidden pleasure, one you wanted with all your heart, but believed it was “bad” for you. First, it would have gathered ample evidence to prove that your thoughts were true, and within a split second of you thinking the word “donut” the entire cascade of thoughts will have transpired in your subconscious.

Leading to the feelings, actions, and results….

Coaching is not about feeding you new, pretty thoughts.

It is all about discovering what your particular thoughts or beliefs are and cleaning out the damaging ones.

Because life is too short to waste ¾ of our waking hours beating ourselves up about our weight, what we can and cannot eat, and comparing ourselves to others.

With Coaching, I want to give you back your life.

And I think that is a beautiful thing.

Dani Bates Coaching When You Are Ready to Lose Weight For the Last Time