Oh my god!

The second after your feet leave the ground and you realize

The bottom is a long way off…


I can tell you I felt dizzy, shaky, scared, exhilarated.


And I was only jumping off a metaphorical cliff.


My ass was still sitting in the chair.


But my chest felt tight, my heart was beating 1000 times per second.


I just wanted to commit the feeling to memory,

Because it is the exact feeling I get each time I commit

Myself to a new big chapter of my life.


I want to run and tell someone,

To shout from the base of my spine to the top of my lungs.

To make my brain grasp the enormity of what I had just done.


This is how I feel when I jump off a cliff.


When I make a big commitment.


How do you feel?


When was the last time you picked a scary big goal

And decided that NOW was the time to jump?


What do you want so bad you would risk it anything to get it?


For some it is good health,

For knees that don’t hurt anymore.

For hearts that beat and arteries that are flexible.


For others, it is good health that will allow you

Be alive to see your children married.

And play on the floor with the grandkids.


For some it is leaving the 9-5 grind

And living life on your own terms and your own schedule.


If you knew 100% that you would succeed

What would you pick?


I’ve got no guarantees.

But if it were true….

What would you do?


The truth is, there is 0% chance of your dreams coming true

If you don’t take the leap.


There is a very good chance you will succeed if you have the courage of your convictions

take the leap

and keep facing the future instead of the past.


Working with a coach is a great way to make sure you land

with your feet on the ground and your heart in the air.