It doesn’t ever inspire. It doesn’t result in positive action. It doesn’t foster goodness.

So why… oh why do we think hating on our body will cause us to “do the right thing” and eat “what we’re supposed to” and achieve our ideal weight?

When we start from hate, from dismay, from disgust it is more likely that the actions we take are punishing.

“I’m so fat, what happened, why can’t I get it together?”

Are thoughts that lead us to punitive, restrictive, punishing actions.

Giving up favorite foods, punishing ourselves with insane work outs, starving ourselves.

What if instead we loved on ourselves and took action from that place?

Loved our bodies like they were our first born baby? Like they were our best friend?

Here’s a challenge to get you started;

Think of 5 things you love or appreciate about your body?

C’mon, give it a shot. It doesn’t have to be exterior.

Things I love about my body are;

    • My heart pumps without me having to remember to do anything
    • My lungs naturally keep me full of oxygen
    • I can step out of bed every morning and walk on 2 legs to the bathroom
    • My brain is so smart it allows me to have all kinds of thoughts
    • My cells are smart enough to heal me when I get a cut
    • I’m 60 and I can still ride my bike

Now it’s your turn. 5 things. Anything.

When you love and appreciate the marvel that your body is, I mean really love and appreciate it, you’ll  naturally choose to treat it with kindness.

    • You would feed it with the best food. 
    • You would take it out for play dates with friends.
    • You would be sure it got enough rest.
    • You’d make sure it had enough hydration.

The result of loving your body no matter the shape or size, is (when you truly come from a place of love 100% of the time), you begin to treat your body like the precious gift that it is.

The gift that keeps you tethered to this planet, to the people you love, to the things that bring you joy.

When you treat your body with love, you make better decisions about how to feed and care for it.

You get to decide. And feel great about your decisions.

Start right now. This minute. Pick 5 things today you love about your body.

Then do it again tomorrow. And the day after that.

Gratitude is a muscle that needs a daily exercise.

Don’t worry, you won’t become self-centered or egotistic.

What if that’s all it takes to shift for consciousness to making good choices for your body? Loving the marvel that it truly is?

Doesn’t cost one thin dime, and you can do it as often as you like without anyone knowing…at least until they ask you what’s so different, because you’re more happy and vibrant.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop your responses into the comment box below, and tell me 5 things you love and appreciate about your body.

Let’s start a conversation.