Today I am taking a different road for my weekly email.

More self-reflection.


Today was the day of our “full brick” for the triathlon I have been mentoring for.

For you non-triathletes, that means we did the full race,

swim, then bike, then run,

just for practice.


Well, before I go there, let me go back a ways.


You see, when I turned 50 years old

I was a mom, and a partner in a Physical Therapy clinic, a wife, a knitter, a reader, a gardener….


I was also 40# overweight and sluggish.


For some reason I decided that turning 50 would be a good occasion to do a “Century”,

which is a 100 mile bike ride in a single day.


That may qualify as a mid-life crisis,

But overall a healthy one.


Anyway, while accomplishing that goal I met a whole new group of people.

You might say they were crazy, but they loved to laugh and have fun, and better yet,

we always had beer for a recovery beverage after a long ride.

Often more than one.

My kind of people.


One day when I was almost finished with my second beer

someone suggested doing a triathlon the following year.


Wouldn’t you know, in my beer induced gaiety

that sounded like a great idea.


And that is where Coach Mo entered my life.


I was 51, still overweight, and not very fast on a bike.


She was able to envision a future for me that I couldn’t see for myself.


She taught me step by step

How to get into shape and

participate in 3 separate disciplines.


She showed up three days per week to train me

And wrote a detailed schedule of what to do on the remaining days.


She taught me to fix flat tires

How to nourish myself

And how to swim in a cluster of bodies.


She showed up to cheer me across the finish line.


So today, 7 years after starting with Coach Mo,

I’ve lost the 40#, finished multiple events, including a few long course triathlons, and discovered a whole new world.

She reminded me I have always said my superpower was



It clicked in a whole new way for me today.




That means keeping my eye on the finish line and not getting thrown off my saddle,

or drowned in uncertainty.


When you are on a journey To somewhere you have never been before,


Whether it is being able to maintain your ideal weight

with ease,

start a new career,

or find the love of your life,


It is amazing to have a coach by your side.


One who can see the road ahead and keep your feet on the path.


When you are just starting out

Find a coach who can teach you the skills you will need to

Achieve your big goal.


So, big shout out;

Thanks to Coach Mo for getting me across my own finish line,

and reminding me the road ahead is just another chance to practice my superpower,