When you reach your goal what will be different for you?


Like when you lose the #25, or get the new job, or get the car of your dreams, fall in love, how will you be different?


Will you jump out of bed with a spring in your step? Will you be more confident?


Will you treat yourself to a new hairstyle?


Get your nails done?


Treat yourself to a spa day?


What’s stopping you from doing any and all of those things right now?


If you start acting like and being the person you want to be when you reach your goal, you will instantly move yourself closer to achieving your goal.


Seems all mumbo-jumbo pie, in the sky crazy, but it is 100% true.


Start being the new you, now, and suddenly opportunity will come a knocking.


You will discover the exact steps you need to take. Doors will open. Phones will ring. Emails show up out of the ether.


People have been preaching this for years and years. It’s nothing new at all.


But when you move from knowing something to taking massive action and putting it to the test, you will be amazed at the magic that starts to happen.


It doesn’t require any special equipment.


Just you and your brain.


Think it. Believe it. See it.


I’d love to know who you are dreaming of being, or what you will be doing. Click on Comments and let me know.