If I told you it was possible….

No…highly likely

OK, for sure….


That you could throw out all the diet rules you had ever followed

And be able to lose weight without

Being hungry, or heading to the gym,

Would you call me crazy?




What diet “rule” are you most attached to?

The myth of “calories in/calories out.”

Eating fat makes you fat.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Eating 6 or more small meals a day is the best.

Egg yolks increase your cholesterol

The only way to lose weight is to restrict calories.

You’ve got to be hungry to lose weight.

Losing weight and maintaining weight loss are 2 different things.

You must exercise a minimum of 30 min. per day.


I could go on, and so could you I am sure.


But which “rule” are you most attached to?


The vast majority of us believe with all of our hearts

That we must eat fewer calories a day than we burn.


But that’s applying a mathematical law

To a physical system,

Which let’s just say, is nonsense.


The intricacies of the human body

Are such that you cannot reduce its function

To a mathematical equation.


In fact, the human body can run on different types of fuel.

It can burn carbohydrates

Or it can burn fat.


If like me, you are interested in upgrading to a fat burning machine,

One that has the ability to

“dine in”

on stores that are just hanging around, stay tuned.


What if I told you,

If you eat more fat

And eliminate all sugars and flours

Your body would automatically convert itself?


The optimal amount of dietary fat

Is the range of 65-80%

And protein should make up 25-35% of your intake.


I’ll wait a minute while you get back up off the floor.


It knocked me over, too.


F-ing crazy to a person who has spent decades

Believing low-fat was heart healthy.


If you don’t know whether to happy dance or call me a quack

I get it.


But here is the thing,


There is a lot of good science that agrees with what I just wrote.


There are also giant processed food companies

That have a vested interest in burying the science

In an avalanche of advertising the supposedly

Healthy benefits of their food.


That’s like Jim Beam touting the healthy benefits of bourbon.




Anyway, if you would like to know how to get your motor running

On fat, glorious fat

And reap the benefits of

A smaller waist,

Increased energy,

Less arthritis,

Increased happiness.


Click right HERE.


I would love to spend 30 minutes chatting about how

Your Future Self,

could look a whole lot different than your

Past Self.