Have you ever had the experience…

Where it seems as if everything lines up, and something you thought was impossible before,

suddenly seems completely doable?



Or heard some advice that makes the best sense ever, then you realize you’ve been hearing it for years,

And suddenly you GET IT.



Perhaps our human ability to take in far more data than we have any idea of is the reason why.



You hear something and it just goes into your brain and simmers on the back burner without you doing anything conscious about it.

It simmers and stews until it reaches the perfect pitch.

Then, because the Universe has a way of sending us inspiration at exactly the perfect time (I think it has a whole lot to do with having vibrations in synch), you get another given the same information once again, and the light bulbs go off.


It happened for me when someone suggested giving up flour and sugar (yes, even gluten free flour!).


My first thought is “You’re out of your effing mind…I could never do that.”


But 6 months later, it made rationale sense and I was able to implement the change.


It happened again when someone suggested intermittent fasting (having the first meal of the day at noon).


“Are you nuts? I am a big girl, I NEED 3 meals a day.”


But several weeks later I was able to implement that change, and I can’t imagine eating so frequently any more.

So interesting.


Timing that is.

How do you know when the time is right?
What clues do you get?


Can you think of a time when inspiration hit, and you were able to accomplish something amazing?


I would love to hear your stories.


Go to the Comments section below and share your favorite one.


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