Now What?

You’ve been looking forward to this vacation for week, or possibly months.

As the day approaches the thrill builds.

And then it is here, the beginning of the vacation. You’ve just closed and locked the door…you are on your way. You are looking forward to all the fun that you will be having that is so different from your day to day life.

And before you know it, you are casting aside all the careful rational choices you have been making about the food you consume, because You Are on Vacation.

Does this sound Familiar?

In my mind the word vacation conjures up visions of all the “fun” things I get to do or experience that are not part of my “normal” life.

And this most definitely includes food and drink.

Up until I considered where the JOY was coming from in my life, vacation food and drink was a peak experience.

Sure I loved traveling to new places, having adventures, meeting new people, but the thrill of eating and drinking in a way that was different from being at home was a big deal. Granted, after a week or two of being away from home, I long to return to a normal way of eating and being.

A sort of detox, but those first heady days….

Is it Possible to Vacation without Physical Pollution?

Yes! In fact the views at the Grand Canyon or Zion or the Statue of Liberty are exactly the same without the carb loading, wine sipping, too much food excess.

In fact they are enhanced with your new lighter approach to life.  A clearer head and heart to appreciate the bounty of our world cause the travel and delight you experience to be the “peak experience”.

When 90% of your joy is derived from something other than food, a whole new world opens up. And the 10% of your joy that comes from food and drink becomes not a splurge but a way of life. It’s true.

I have been to this particular mountain and I am back to report, it is awesome.

When You Are Ready to Discover a New Way

When you reach your very own “Hell No!” moment, and decide to make the commitment to get rid of the extra weight, lose the spare tire, toss the saddle bags, CLICK HERE to set up a 20 minute conversation that could change your life.

I am ready when you are.

Dani Bates