Great…Here’s the first thing you will have to come to terms with, if you are overweight, you are eating more food than your body needs to maintain your ideal weight.


Not exactly news to you, or what you wanted to hear, right?

But it’s the truth, and the sooner you wrap your head around that the quicker we can get to the part where you learn to a better way to fuel your body, to get the results you say you want.

Once you let that fact really land, you can start to get a handle on what is really going on, so you can make adjustments, and start seeing some results.

One good place to start is to eliminate all snacking after dinner.

How many of you find yourself, after you get home from work, eat dinner, clean up the kitchen, head to the sofa to watch t.v. and find yourself thinking about something great to eat while you watch your favorite show?

It’s a habit, and now your stomach sends out hunger signals right at 8 pm, ‘cuz it knows it can count on you to go get some cookies.

Or maybe you had (another) stressful day at work, and you deserve a treat…hello Ben and Jerry’s.

Could it be you’re so unsatisfied with your life that the only bright spot is some chocolatey oooey-gooey goodness?

Learning to unlearn these reflexive behaviors is going to suck before it feels better.

Your brain is ready with a shit ton of excuses and lines to use on you if you decide to give up your nightly nosh.

It’ll definitely feel horrible the first time you don’t give in. In fact, it may feel horrible for 3-4 days.

But feeling horrible never killed anyone.

Just like a 2 year old throwing a tantrum in the store, the first time you say NO to the candy at the check-out line. They don’t die from lack of candy, and after not getting it for several times in a row, they stop throwing their tantrums.

Eventually your brain will get used to the new program and will settle down nicely.

Just this one single step can yield a lovely drop of weight on the scale…it does for most people.

Once you have conquered this first step, you will be inspired to figure out something else you can do to further your results.

And that is always the best way to solve any big overwhelming problem. Find a place to start, and take some action.

You don’t have to solve the entire thing at once.

Just get started.

The path will come into view as you start moving forward.


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