Recently when working with clients, the question of

What causes the body to go into

Starvation mode

Came up.


It always does.


Because the reason we weigh more than we want to, is that we have consumed more food than our body required for fuel, at least at some point.


The path to shedding the excess weight naturally involves not only changing what the fuel is that we put into our body,

But eating less than we used to when we were over-consuming.


And here is the million-dollar question;

When is restricting our intake going to result in

Starvation Mode?


Having a background in science, I turned to actual scientific journals for some answers.


Turns out the decrease in metabolism commonly referred to as starvation mode, has a scientific name

Adaptive thermogenesis.


It is a real thing.


And as it usually is with science,

besides mice,

the majority of studies are done on young healthy men.

Like guys who are going to ski across Antarctica or Greenland, not mid-life women living normal lives.


The conclusion is,

When calories are reduced enough to cause weight loss

The human body will adapt by slowing the metabolism and burning fuel at a slower rate.


Even after the conclusion of the fuel restriction the slower metabolism persists, (hello yo-yo syndrome)…..

no matter how much you exercise.


Some studies said the effect would last up to a year,

Others left the question of how long the slowed metabolism would that last, unanswered.


But wait, there’s more.


Pollution causes certain compounds to be stored in the human fat layer.

As fat mass is reduced the concentration of those compounds increases…which effects thyroid function and insulin levels, slowing metabolism.


Which may induce or contribute to sleep apnea,

Which also slows metabolism.


Are we all just screwed?




The primary driver of adaptive thermogenesis

Seems to be calorie restriction or excessive physical activity (skiing across Antarctica would suffice).


When working with clients, one of the first tools I teach them is the

Hunger Scale

It is like having a gas gauge for your hunger level.


Instead of counting calories or any other crazy wild notion,

I  teach women to listen to their own brilliant body.

Eat when you get hungry.

Stop when you are satiated…not “full” or “stuffed”.


This avoids all the pitfalls of

Starvation mode (adaptive thermogenesis).


You see, when approaching health as a long-term deal,

A process that includes feeding your body with real whole foods, in quantities that fuel you adequately,

Your body has no need to alter your metabolic rate.


There is a chance that you will experience plateaus or slower than wished for loss of excess weight,

But when working with a weight loss coach,

The concept is to change the way you use food.


It is not “calorie restriction”

Rather it is putting food back into the role of fuel for your body,

And learning to get your other needs met with non-food activities.


Returning your body to a healthy beautiful state

Is possible.


When you commit to treating your body with love and dignity.


When you feed it the best quality food.


When you are ready to explore the possibility of

Returning to your healthy body weight,

And you realize that having support is essential for long term results,

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