In June we are going to tackle the situation I think gets most of us who’ve ever struggled with food, our weight and dieting the most problems:

Differentiating Physical hunger from Emotional hunger.

Sensations begin in the body then send a signal to the brain to do something about it. A sensation is an actual physical thing…like hot, cold, hungry, sleepy.

Emotions (or feelings), start in the brain then send the signal, or vibration to the body. Emotions are things like; happy, sad, angry, bored, frustrated.

As a culture we have bought into the notion that we are meant to feel “good” most of the time, and when something uncomfortable like sadness, anger, boredom, guilt comes up our first reaction is to make the uncomfortable feeling stop ASAP.

If you think back to your earliest memories, do you recall being given something to eat (usually sweet) when you got a boo-boo? Or when you were sad and crying?

Our parents were doing their best, but we learned pretty early on that food was the fastest way to make the pain go away.

As a consequence, we often eat when we are not physically hungry, rather we are eating to stuff down our emotions (or feelings).

Who hasn’t had a crappy day and gone home and treated themselves to some delicious comfort food in an attempt to feel better? Ben and Jerry can be very soothing after all….

Have you ever been knocking around on a boring day with nothing to do, and suddenly been overcome with the strongest desire for some delicious chips or cookies?…there’s a whole new bag in the pantry…

Ever gotten into a fight with a sister or a friend, and nothing but red wine and carrot cake could heal the pain?

That’s what I am talking about.

Sure, you can stuff down an emotion with food, but the relief is temporary, usually less than 30 minutes, then the emotion comes roaring back, plus it has it’s best friends, shame, regret, guilt  and remorse tagging along.

Who needs that?

Click HERE to grab my free work sheet to differentiate sensations from feelings. Then use the worksheet.

Turns out feelings are just vibrations, and they will pass fairly quickly if you stop resisting them, or stuffing them down.

Learn to feel all of your feelings.

The better you get at allowing feelings to just be, the sooner you can start to gain control of the whole weight struggle.

Then I’d love to hear from you. Any “lightbulb moments?”

What did you find most useful, etc?