Have you noticed an area or two in your life that isn’t going exactly as you would like?

Would you like to know how you can fix this, and start getting more of what you want?

Start by listening (become a super sleuth) to the soundtrack you are playing in your head.

For instance, you really would love to lose some weight, but the story in your head is;

  • If I go on a diet, I’ll never get to eat anything fun again.
    If I go on a diet, I’ll have to give up_________.
    If I go on a diet I’ll never be able to go out with my friends again.

Is it any wonder, starting or sticking to a new eating regime is destined for failure before you ever get started?

Why not start by dragging those old beliefs out of your subconscious brain, and getting rid of them…they aren’t doing you a whole lot of good.

Here’s the best news ever….thoughts are optional….

You aren’t stuck with the came old crummy thoughts forever. You can update them whenever you want.

Seriously. You just have to get really good at catching them when they loop through the endless soundtrack in your brain, and replace them with something that will serve you better.

Ones that work for me:

  • If I watch what I eat most of the time, I can still eat my favorite foods 10% of the time.
    If I follow my plan I can still have 2 glasses of wine tonight.
    I can figure this out, and lose the weight for good.

You get to pick ones that work for you (you’re welcome to use mine).

It’s kind of like training a new puppy.

Every time they make a mistake, you give them a correction. You don’t have to be mean or cruel, you just have to be consistent.

It’s like that with thoughts or beliefs. Every time you hear the old crummy thought, stop it (with love and compassion) and switch to your new thought. Be consistent.

It’s not rocket science, it just takes consistent effort.

The results are totally worth it.

If you are curious and want some help getting started, just head over to Work With Me, I’d love to help.