I was talking with my doctor the other day about my new career, she laughed and said,

“Everything you need to know to lose weight you could write on a single sheet of paper…but that is never going to be a best-seller”


She is 100% accurate.


We all want the “easy answer”.

The “Just tell me what to do to lose the weight”.


The real questions should be;


“What would it take to maintain a healthy normal weight and improve my energy, health and sense of well-being?”

If you could follow that advice over the long haul, weight would no longer be an issue.


Of course, it doesn’t have the sex-appeal of an instant weight loss program.

One where you “Lose 28# in 30 days”.


But if you have “been there and done that” enough times, you may be ready for an honest solution to your weight situation.


Less face it, we have conquered the world, raised the kids, paid the mortgage, earned a couple of wrinkles. Who has time to waste dieting anymore?


Drum roll…..secret answer to all your problems dead ahead….


Eat: mostly vegetables (including starchy ones), eat lots of healthy fats (olive oil, butter, cream, nut butters, avocado, nuts, lard, etc.), and eat modest portions of protein.


Eat when you are hungry. Stop when you are satiated…not “full” or stuffed”.




That’s it.


Everything else is drama or beliefs.


Often when reading the “rules”, people have questions, like, “what about breads? Pasta? Dessert? Wine? (or my favorite) Protein bars?”.


Answer: Avoid all of them 90% of the time, and go ahead and live it up and enjoy them 10% of the time, but plan your “live it up” 24 hours before indulging, then stick to your plan.


Couldn’t be simpler.


Except that loud voice in your head yelling, “Hell NO” to giving up “all the good things in life”.

Bread, pasta, desserts, Wine.


Just because something is simple does not make it easy.


Which is why, when undertaking the process of changing your eating style to be that of the person you plan to be in the future;

The one who weighs less than you do now, who has more energy, more enthusiasm for life, better health, and never thinks about going on a “diet” again, it is helpful to have support.


That’s where I come in. My name is Dani Bates. I am a certified Weight Loss Coach.


I help women like yourself, ones who have decided once and for all to put the struggle to rest.


Not only is it important for you to manage your own health, but also think of what you will be modeling for your children, your peers, your friends.


What would the world be like if women just said NO to buying in to the whole diet industry, and simply got healthy in a sustainable manner?


Stop being a statistic in the obesity epidemic.


Start being the woman you know you are deep down inside.


Hey, you don’t need to hire me, just follow the “Rules” I detailed above.

Everything you need is there. And for those of you who do, Halleluiah!


If you are like most of us and could use a little or a lot of help, Click Here,


Get on the phone with me for a FREE 30-minute coaching call.


I would be delighted to help with a least one tool or tip to make your journey easier.


If at the end of the call you have questions about how to become one of the few women I work with one on one, I will be happy to tell you, but that is completely up to you. I have no interest in talking you in to something that you do not want or need. That’s not my style. You’ll have to convince me to take you on if you decide you do want a coach. I only work with a select group of highly motivated women. But there is nothing stopping you from getting some lovely FREE help, it’s fun for me, and great for you.


When you stop spending 50-90% of your day obsessing about food and dieting, what will you do with all the spare time?


Break Free