Future self…what a concept.

Who is your future self and how does she do life?

I am totally jamming on this whole concept now. My new question for pretty much every minute of my day, “what would future Dani do?”

“How does she show up?”

I’ll tell you…she’s a lot more fun to hang around with than the old version of me.

She’s got a spring in her step, and she’s all in for possibilities.

She’s no longer looking in the rear view mirror of life to find out what’s coming next.

She’s driving in a convertible with the top down and the radio blasting.

She’s dancing in her seat, and in every cell of her body.

When she hangs out with her friends she no longer indulges in the old tired conversation about, “how I’ve really got to lose this weight…Oh my god I can’t believe I’ve gotten so big”

She’s talking about the fun new class she’s taking.

Or the great new book she just read.

She’s laughing and telling a hilarious story about the funny thing that happened when she….

Everybody wants to know “what you smokin’ girl?”

“Cuz her enthusiasm is contagious.

Good news…it’s coming into another gorgeous NW fall season and I’ve got room for 5 women who want to jump on the Future Self train with me this month.

5 women who are tired of the status quo, and are ready to shake it up.

5 women who believe in themselves enough and are curious what the future holds for them.

Negative nancy’s need not apply.

Come on, you women who want to turn up the volume on your life…you know who you are.

Only 5 spots…you can’t afford to miss this party.

Click here to get on board. This ride is going to be epic.