As the clock winds down on 2019,  we all have time to reflect on the year we just had.

The things we meant to do, and the things that got left behind….again.

I was chatting with a friend this past weekend, when I realized one of the “truths” that I had clung to (despite understanding at an intellectual level that was crazy), was; to be worthwhile something has to be hard.

What I mean, is that if something is easy for me, I tended to discount it as not meaningful or important.

  • Oh yeah…knitting amazing sweaters…that’s nothing.
  • Preparing delicious food, often grown in my own garden…that’s nothing.
  • Helping women change their lives….but I like doing that.

Just like with everything else…it starts with a thought.

I for one, often wished that something was easy, like losing weight or making a money, but my subconscious brain held the belief that something that is easy is not worth much.

I wanted to earn the prize through blood, sweat and tears (or deprivation and hard work).

Which brings me to this week’s topic…especially for those of you who have this sneaky little belief running the show, as I did.

As we get closer and closer to January 1, many of you are thinking about how much weight you want to lose this coming year.

What if it you were able to opt for easy this time?

No a struggle?

Would you do it? Would it matter as much in the end that you had done it, if it were easy?

If you’re ready to try easy for a change of pace, I’ve got an idea for you.

When you think about the number, whether it’s 26 or 53 or 70 pounds, it feels big and insurmountable, right?

Your mind goes back to all the things you’ve done before, the things that didn’t work before, but you’re pretty sure they’re the only way to be successful.

When you’re thinking of that big number out in front of you, you have that knowingness deep in your bones, that you can’t give up everything you love long enough to make it come true.

You know you always start out hard and strong, but fizzle out in the space of a few days or weeks.

What if instead, this year, you broke it down into little teensy weenie bite sized bits?

Do you suppose you could figure out how to lose 1/2 a pound this week?

Not 1 pound or 5 pounds, but 1/2 a pound?

Sounds easy peasy, right?

Do you realize if you did that the first week, then the next week, and the rest of the weeks of the year…you’d have lost 26 pounds by this time next year?

And you wouldn’t have to starve yourself, it wouldn’t be punishing.

There might even be chocolate cake and wine on your menu.

Over the course of the year you’d learn a lot about yourself, plus you’d change your eating habits in a slow sustainable way, so bonus, the weight wouldn’t come back.

Would you be okay with losing 26, or 53 or 70 pounds if it wasn’t hard?

Not a trick question.

Really think about that.

The answer is not yes for everyone.

But if the answer is a big He#l  Yes for you and you’re not sure how to get started by yourself, I’m offering free 60 minute consults to get your year started off on the right foot.

Click the big Heck Yes  and pick the time that works for you.

2020 is going to be your year, baby!