We are going to Jumpstart your weight loss today with this super simple but

Powerful tool.

We are going to harness that big beautiful brain inside your head and put it to work for you.


As humans we are naturally wired to notice all the things that are wrong.

We came wired that way to survive in the days of saber toothed tigers and scary things of all sizes,

(and no grocery stores, oh my!)



If we wanted to stay alive we needed to avoid becoming someone’s dinner,

And to capture something for ourselves to eat.


Well here in America, the saber-toothed tigers are under control,

And now we have food to eat in plentiful supplies.

So it’s time for an update to the operating system.

A fundamental shift.

Start noticing what goes right.


I know, I know, it’s not like you haven’t noticed what went right before,

But I bet you followed it up with a

“yeah, but…”

list of all the things that went wrong.

What would it be like for you to notice something that you did Right

And just enjoy it?


Like, “I drank my entire 64 oz of water today”

Or, “I used the stairs instead of the elevator today”

Or, “I took my time eating today, and chewed my food slowly”

Or even, “I didn’t have seconds at dinner”

The object is to start to notice what DID go right.


In the beginning it may feel contrived or silly,

But as you start to build your

what went right” muscles

You will begin to notice more and more things that you did splendidly.


And as your awareness grows, so will your habit of doing little things right.


And just like a snowball rolling downhill

You will pick up momentum


You will start looking for opportunities to do the right thing.


As your habit of doing the little things right


You will notice that the weight just starts to go down,

Without any starvation or deprivation.


Because, let’s face it, in our moment of desperation we are likely

To agree to a severe diet and exercise regime

Which is in no way sustainable.


How much better to become the person you want to be

Developing the habits of a naturally thin person

In a sustainable, uplifting way


So when the day come that you look in the mirror

And see your beautiful smiling face from your trim body

You won’t ever wonder if it will last,


Because you won’t be the same pessimistic person who started

But rather you will be the

Confident, Proud person who lives inside your skin.


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