Here’s the thing, if the reason you decide to lose weight is not compelling enough to make you do the things you need to do, the chance you will succeed start to diminish pretty quickly. So the thing I ask myself each day, and the thing I ask all the clients who work with me first and foremost is

What do you Want?

Why do you Want It?

What will Change in your Life when you Achieve It?

When will you Start?

How will you Achieve It?

What will you Do if you Get Off Track?

What’s it going to Feel Like to Reach This Goal?

If you are willing to sit down and seriously answer these questions for yourself for really anything that you decide to pursue, whether it is weight loss, getting a promotion at work, or writing your first novel, your chances of success will be greatly improved. Practically guaranteed.

Write your answers on a piece of paper that you will see each and every day. If you start each day remembering your reasons for doing what you do, it will be that much easier to stick to it when the going gets rough. ‘Cuz here’s the other secret, all big outcomes come with lots of reasons to bail out along the way. When you can take a moment to reflect on how the success with really feel, taste, sound, and look like, experience with all of your senses each day, you will find it easier to pass all the early exits off the road to completion.

If you have been struggling with weight too – I can help, email me at to sign up for a 30 minute mini-session and I will teach you one of the techniques that you can implement right away.

Dani Bates