These days it is so easy to be seduced by speed. We live in the digital age and it is what we have come to expect. Huge documents download in a few seconds, god forbid you use snail mail…it could take 3-5 days to get to the recipient, why not write an email and have it delivered around the globe in seconds. Television flashes multiple images a second at us. We are plugged in to devices, and feel wired for speed.


But what about when it comes to losing weight? We expect it to be simple, fast, and easy.


Grocery store periodicals tell us we can lose #25 in just 2 weeks if we follow their “easy” rules. And let’s be honest, who amongst us has not flipped through the pages to see exactly what is required for this amazing result. And who amongst us has not rolled their eyes at the ideas they suggest.


But losing weight is complicated. If it were just about substituting a type of food, or limiting portions we all would have done it, and we wouldn’t be having this discussion right now.


And if you are like most women who worry about the weight that has piled on around the middle or on the hips, it did not come on over night.


Often it crept on insidiously over the course of a decade or two.


And still, once we finally commit to a new eating regime, we expect to drop weight within a week or two. Because usually there is deprivation and hunger nipping at our heels.


But more than that, we want proof that “it works”.


I suggest, if it took 520 weeks (that’s 10 years) or more to gain, it might be a bit presumptuous to expect to lose it all in just a few weeks.


Let me ask you this, if I could look in to my magic crystal ball,

And tell you without a doubt, that in 6-9 months you would have lost your spare #25 tire.

And that it was only completed on the final day of that 6-9 months.

But that because you changed your entire mindset about weight loss, and eating in general, that the weight loss would be permanent, and that you would never have to bother with it again.

Then would it seem like too long to devote to the weight loss journey?


On top of the weight loss, I could also assure you that your entire life would be changed. Your relationships with other people, stress, and worry would improved.  You would be able to handle the curve balls that life invariably throws at you, to see if you are still paying attention, with ease and grace.


Sound intriguing? Join me in discovering how the practice of Slowing Down can yield big results for you when it comes to shedding the mid-life poundage.


Find out all the answers you are looking for are actually right inside your very own brilliant body.


You don’t need another book, magazine, or app. But you do need to make a commitment to yourself, and then start putting one foot in front of the other. Then do it again.


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