“Not that way!” he shouted, “turn the wheel the other way”.

The mood inside the cab of little Toyota pickup was tense (to say the least), as my dad tried to teach me the basics of backing up a trailer.

Now, I loved my dad, but he wasn’t always the best teacher, especially when I didn’t “catch on” right away.

The worst of it was, as the tension rose, the trailer did all the wrong things (as trailers pretty reliably do when being backed up by novices), and my father was losing his mind, all I wanted to do was quit.

Which pretty much is a perfect parallel to “dieting”.

  • “Fill up on carbs and avoid all fat!”
  • “Do eat fat but avoid all carbs”
  • “Don’t eat dairy”
  • “Dairy builds strong bones”
  • “Red meat is the problem, eat chicken breasts”
  • “Avoid chicken because they’re full of hormones”
  • “Eggs increase your cholesterol“
  • “Eggs are the perfect protein”

Who should you believeWhat’s the answer?? How will you ever know what is the right thing to do?

The tension in your brain makes it feel like it’s going to explode.

This is the part where I tell you to get out the metaphoric cab of the truck and take a big breath.

Because the answer is closer than you think.

It’s inside of you.

(No, it’s not the little voice that is right now jumping up and down doing a victory fist pump and shouting, “see I told you potato chips were the answer!”)

Start with the basics, the easy stuff.

For example; your body knows when it has had enough to eat. If you stopped every time you were satisfied instead of “cleaning your plate” or “having just a little more…because it tastes so good”, you’d probably be off to a great start.

Couple that with only eating when you were physically hungry, instead of eating to solve some other problem (boredom or anger for example), and you’d be moving steadily in the right direction.

The fear of another failure is enough to deter many, but if given one more chance, a sliver of hope, what would you do?

Follow my example.

I’ve recently been given the opportunity to borrow a friends tent trailer for a camping trip, but that’s meant I’m going to have to bee able to back it into a camping spot (cue the cold sweat).

So, as I did when achieving permanent weight loss, I decided to take a deep breath and start practicing a little at a time.

I practiced slowly backing up in my driveway, with only my dog in the truck for company (sooo much better. He thinks I’m a genius no matter what I do.)

When I turned the wheel the wrong direction for the umpteenth time, I didn’t make it mean that I would never learn, or that I was a failure, it just meant I needed more practice…and my dog sat happily, breathing doggy breath smelling contentment in my face.

Backing up a trailer is hard, but I’m convinced I’m capable of learning. If I practice a little every day, by the time I go on my trip, I’m going to be better than I was when I started.

Learning the skill of listening to your body’s wisdom when it comes to eating is also a hard. But you can learn it. Practice a little bit each day.

You can make mistakes, that’s okay. Sometimes it takes a little longer to “catch on”, but it’s so worth it when you do.

Listen, my friend, your body and brain are plenty smart. I can prove it to you.

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