Trick question. Everyone, right?

Not true.

There are people on this planet who don’t ever want more money, they live in the certainty that they will always have everything they need, and the money will continue to flow.

One friend of mine (who is quite successful) says she has to be careful what she does now, because literally everything causes more money to flow to her. And not just some money…lots of money.

She started life as a scrappy kid from the streets, without the love and support of a family. She didn’t have any advantages.

How the h*#l does she not only make so much money, but also have the attitude that whatever she does lots of money is the inevitable outcome?

Mindset, that’s how.

Remember last week I introduced you to the model?

C= Circumstance. A fact.

T= Thought you’re having about the circumstance.

F= Feeling you’re having based on your thought

A= Action or inaction taken based on feeling

R= Results you’re getting. They will always match your thoughts.

Also remember that many of the thoughts in your head…that seem like facts….are simply beliefs you picked up from your family, your culture, the experiences you’ve had up until now.

When you think about money, what are some of your beliefs?

Take 5 minutes and write down everything you think about money. Let it flow, because this is where you’ll find the truth of why you’re currently in the place of wanting more.

Here are several examples from my brain and those of my clients:

    • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
    • Easy come, easy go.
    • There’s always month left at the end of the money.
    • It takes money to make money.
    • You have to work hard for your money.
    • No matter how hard I try I can’t get ahead.
    • I’m not lucky with money
    • Rich people only care about themselves.
    • Rich people are selfish

Now look at your list. What if all those thoughts could be magically erased from your brain?

As in, you could NEVER think them again.

How might your life change?

How would your life be if you had the beliefs (as my friend does) that;

    • Everything I touch turns to gold.
    • Making money is the easiest thing ever.
    • There’s plenty to go around.
    • The more money I have the less I feel compelled to spend it.
    • Having access to money allows me to be more generous.
    • Having access to money allows me to do good things for the planet.

Here’s a bonus question…how much money do you want to make every year?

Have you ever asked yourself this? So many of people just get on the treadmill of life, get up, go to work, eat, pay the bills, go to sleep, rinse and repeat, and stop having dreams for their future.

What’s stopping you from going after your dream income?

The only thing that is stopping you, my friend, is the thoughts in your head.

The world is full of example of people who rose from nothing with nothing, to the pinnacles of success.

Also, of people who’ve been leading ordinary lives, that suddenly seem to be transformed into super-performers.

They lose the weight, fall in love, everything goes their way. They seem as if they were  struck by golden lightening.

Any excuse you have, or hard luck story you use, there are people who’ve risen above that and more.

It really comes down to mindset…or the thoughts and beliefs in your head.

And as I’ve said dozens of times here, thoughts are optional.

If you’re not getting the results you want, first check in with the thoughts in your head, and update them with thoughts that are more likely to get whatever you want.

What are your current results? Your annual income? Your net worth?

What do you want them to be?

If you’re someone who isn’t satisfied with how things are going in your life these days, if you’ve tried writing down all your thoughts and you’re still having a hard time figuring out what to do next, I’d be happy to help.

Let’s hop on the phone for a free 30 minute chat and I’ll help you get a different perspective.

It’ll be fun. Try on a new belief for size. Who knows, maybe you’ll blow your own mind.