Fair question.

Most of us have this idea that once we reach our goal weight life will magically be more fun and interesting.


But do you ever stop to think about how it will actually be?

The way life is for a naturally thin person?


No more hours spent commiserating with your girlfriends about the weight you are gaining, or how you are planning to “drop a few”


No hours spent reading every new diet book,

Or scouring the web for the newest research on insulin resistance.

Or how to lose 40# without struggle.


No more compliments on how you look fantastic,

“Have you lost weight?”


Because when it becomes your new reality,

You look the same every day.


Fantastic for sure

But people stop being complimentary.

The emotional strokes stop coming.


Your old friends who are still “battling” with their weight stop wanting to hang around as much ‘cuz you’re not the same anymore.


Sure, it’s fantastic to be at your goal weight.

Your clothes fit and look great.

You feel light and energetic.


You are no longer the person standing over the sink with your leftovers from dinner

Shoveling them in before you go to bed.


There has been a complete shift in the way you think

And behave.


Because if you want to be the person who never has to diet again

You will have to do things differently than you do right now.


You will have to transform.


You will put your fork down when you are full.

You won’t fill up on empty calories.


But here is the money shot


You can start being that person this very second.


It’s just a decision.

A way of thinking.


Start being the person who isn’t consumed with self-loathing and regret.

Celebrate all the things that go right today.


Find evidence that you are in control.


Follow through on one single promise to yourself every day.

Drink your water.

Lace up your shoes and at least walk around the house.

Pour your chips into a bowl instead of eating out of the bag.


One small step that you can commit to doing for the rest of your life

Then celebrate it.


Add steps as you are able.


Because getting to your goal weight is a fantastic accomplishment.

Staying there forever is the absolute best.


Start practicing being the person who has already reached that place

Because it’s a whole lot different than where you are starting from.


And once you flip the switch and start being the new you,

The pounds will be released from your body.


It is as good as you thought it would be.

See you on the other side!


P.S. If you want a coach to help guide you across to the other side, I’ve been there,
I lost the 40# and have kept it off for 5 years.
I know the path. And I am happy to show you the way.