Why do we even have urges? Where do they come from and what’s the point?

And urge is just a habit we’ve created and now it feels like it is totally out of our control.

It feels like an involuntary reaction.

Here’s the thing…our brains are designed to reward us for life-saving activities.

Food and drink provide us that reward, and our bodies respond with a dopamine or serotonin (feel good chemicals made in your body) response.

The more you give the body foods and drinks that create a dopamine/serotonin response, the more the body craves those things.

Sugars and refined foods provide the biggest dopamine/serotonin response…which is why it is so rare to have an overwhelming urge for lettuce, or a cucumber.

(Just saying, there’s no Vegetable Overeaters Anonymous.)

Eventually you create a neural pathway in the brain that turns your desire into an automatic response, and that is what I refer to as an urge.

It feels like this huge big thing that is out of control, but it’s really just a habit we’ve created for ourselves.

The good news, our brains are able to unlearn old habits and relearn new better habits.

How much better would it be to not desire something, that to just resist the urge all the time?

Think about it. The drawer in the break room filled with chocolate. The box of fresh warm donuts that show up every Tuesday with the salesman. The box of Cabernet on the counter.

To resist the chocolate, the donuts, the wine is to give all of your power to an inanimate object.

The more you try to resist something the more you create desire for that exact thing.

Ridiculous when you actually think about it.

What would it be like to be the person who honestly had zero desire anymore for those things?

Because that’s real freedom.

So I challenge you to seriously consider who you’d be without your most compelling urge?

Be that person now.

Yes you can.

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