So we just finished a long weekend off.

There were parties, picnics, get-togethers, and sunshine. And lots of food and drink.

That combination usually inspires many of us to chuck all of our best intentions, and just live in the moment.

Over-eating, over-drinking, and then the over-regretting.


Did you catch yourself thinking thoughts like:


It’s normal to celebrate

Cooking and eating with friends (family) is the best

Food is delicious and meant to be enjoyed often

Parties without food and drink aren’t fun

Just this once

I want to be part of the fun

If I don’t eat and drink with everyone I will be left out


Any of this sound familiar?

Did you attend a party with grilled food, beer, wine…?

Snack chips and dessert tables?


If the answer was Yes,

And you had any of the above thoughts in your head

You most likely overate.

Or ate things you would normally consider off limits.


Did you know, most of these thoughts are habitual?


You’ve had them before.

And you will most certainly have them again,

With the resulting over-eating, over-drinking, and over-regretting events




You recognize them as simply thoughts.


Or Thought Errors as I have come to call them.


If you want to Permanently change your habit of over-eating, over-drinking, and over-regretting.

You will first need to become aware of the thoughts you are thinking that drive your behavior.


Because without a doubt,

It is the thoughts in your head driving your feelings

And your behavior.


Once you get a grip on the thought

You can change your thought to reduce desires and urges.




I am not saying it will be easy.


But did you ever go to a gym and expect that once you had paid the membership fee that they would automatically award you a beautiful sculpted body?


Probably not (though wouldn’t that be nice?)


Same with building the “muscles” of your thought patterns.


You have habitually been reverting to old patterns of thought,

Now you get to start “flexing” some new thought muscles.


With some effort, you can become

the person who is just

Naturally Thin.