So, the craziest things keep happening to me.

I call them Windex Moments.

They are the exact moment that someone says something to me,

And I can suddenly see a situation from an entirely

Different perspective.

Like 180 degrees different.

That’s the moment my mind explodes.

Hence I need to reach for the Windex to clean up my splattered brain material from my windshield

Or the wall beside my desk.

A bit macabre I will admit.

But a visual nonetheless.

Here’s an example:

A woman I know was lamenting that she had a fear of never losing the weight she had gained since having her children.

She had thoughts like:

“I’ve tried everything”,

“nothing works for me”,

“all the women in my family are overweight”,

“I am out of control”,

“I might as well face it, I am just going to be fat”

So, I asked her, how she felt about her children.

She lit right up,

because she is so proud of her children.

They are a constant source of delight for her.

And I knew she felt strongly that she had done a good job raising them.

I asked her if her statements,

“nothing ever works for me”

“I am out of control”

“I’ve tried everything”

and “generally I am a loser”

applied to her mothering skills.

Well no, she had to admit that it did not.

Then I asked her if she had been successful at anything else in her life.

And she had to admit she was really good at whole bunch of stuff.

So, then I asked her if all that other stuff about being a loser was really true,

Or if perhaps it was just a bunch of thoughts

That she indulged in when it came to losing weight.

Well she said, that was probably true.

And then I asked her if she believed that there was a solution to every problem.

And she supposed there was.

So, I asked her,

What if you could think about losing weight like you were just searching for a solution to any other problem?

You already know a whole bunch of stuff that does not work for you.

You’ve already done a lot of the sorting and heavy lifting.

What if you are just one solution away from figuring out

The answer to your dilemma?

What if the very next thing you try

Works better than anything you can imagine?

And that is when I handed her the Windex.

Cause the sound she made when she thought about it like that

Made me realize there was some mopping up to do.

And here’s the thing,

Just because you have been thinking a thought for a long, long time,

doesn’t make it true.

When you are ready to see what it feels like to have a Windex moment,

give a call, a shout, or a holler.

I will spend 30 minutes trying to give you that exact experience.

No strings attached.

Because this world will be a better place for all of us

When we start cleaning up our old defeatist thinking.

And if you feel like you want to regularly repeat those Windex moments,

well I can set you up with that, too.

So, here’s to a better world and cleaner windows!