Eat Less, Exercise More.




You heard me, that is without a doubt the worst advice



It’s been the paradigm of the land for the last 100 years, even though there is


Evidence to support it, and


Of evidence to refute it.


So, why, why, why does almost everyone still adhere to such quackery?


Because you heard it from the “experts”.

Maybe your doctor,

Or a scientist,

Or a best-selling author

Who was featured on Oprah.


Whatever the case,

Let me tell you, hard science does not support this notion,

And more to the point,

If it worked,

We wouldn’t be in the midst of the

Obesity epidemic

That we are in today.


What about this notion… Fat is a system,

Just like your digestive system,

Cardiac system,

Endocrine system.

And it is regulated by hormones.


True that.

Tell me more.


Well without getting into too much science,

Insulin Is the primary hormone driving fat accumulation.


Insulin is raised in the blood stream every time you eat sweets or starchy foods.


Insulin is not raised when you eat fat or protein.


Which is why, slowly but surely,

The giant ship of

“Paradigm Low fat”

Is starting to shift.


I mean really.


You know the whole low fat, high carb diet started in the late 60’s early 70’s to help

Combat obesity and heart disease.


Big Whoopsie there.


Instead of that, our country has exploded with obesity, heart disease and cancer.


Anyway, believe it or not,

The health benefits of increasing your fat intake and eliminating sugar and flour entirely

Is more than 250 years old.


My first reaction to the prospect of eliminating sugar and flour from my diet completely was a resounding

“Hell No”

But with study and thought, and a whole less hunger,

I am on board.


What’s it going to take for you?


If the prospect of no more starvation diets

No more obligation to spend hours in the gym

Is enticing

Give me a shout.


I work with women just like you.

Fed the f up with starvation and shame.


Let’s work together to create a protocol

That works for you.

And change some of those crazy-making stories in your head.