There was this crazy show I used to watch that was filmed in the U.K. A woman had her subjects write down every bite of food that they ate for an entire week. Then the show’s producers would gather all the food in all the amounts that had been eaten and laid it out on a long picnic style table for the person to see.

It was a real come to Jesus moment.

The show I remember most vividly, a mother couldn’t understand why she was unable to lose weight, but without even realizing it, she was keeping herself full of bread with butter frequently throughout the day. The story she told herself was she didn’t eat that much. Because she didn’t often eat her whole meal at mealtimes. But when her food was laid out the amount of butter she had consumed was an entire shovel full! And they displayed it in a shovel!!! She was gob-smacked. Obviously, so was I because I cannot get that image out of my head.

How often do we try to trick ourselves into believing we are doing something other than truth?

I work with many women who tell me the same thing, they are 25-50# overweight, but they “don’t eat that much”. There is the biological explanation that our bodies (in general) lose 0.5# of muscle mass per year after the age of 35, and muscle is an efficient burner of calories….fat is not. So even if you stay the same weight from age 35 to 60, your calorie requirements to maintain your weight will subside slowly over time. But the biggest culprit…elephant in the room….is that we “eat behind our own backs”. What I mean is, we have a bite, or a snack periodically throughout the day, without considering the caloric ramifications. And they add up. Just like the shovel full of butter. One bite at a time…

When you finally get to the point that you change your question from “Why is this happening to me?” to “What is the solution to this problem?” you will surprised at the insights you will gain. The first is a dead-end question. Your brain is logical, so it will find ample evidence to give you about how you are a victim of something out of your control. But if you ask the powerful question, “What is the solution to this problem?”, your logical brain will start spitting out answers. And this is where the gold is. And something so simple as keeping an honest accounting of the food you eat is a lovely way to start.

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Dani Bates