Weight Loss Coaching Programs

My Coaching Packages

I offer my coaching by phone or via Zoom, so you can be anywhere you want to be and still work with me. If you are traveling, sitting at home in your pajamas, or squeezing this into your lunch break. As long as you have access to a phone, or a computer and we can work together.

Let’s Do This Thing

This 6 month intensive coaching package that is guaranteed to change you forever. You’ll learn how to do weight loss in a way that is sustainable and fits your lifestyle. It’s about deciding what you can do to achieve your dreams, instead of focusing on what you have to give up or avoid. Stop being a slave to the number on the scale, start being the boss-lady of your own life.

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DIY Toolkit

This is a fast-track 5 week program for the woman who is a self-starter, and comfortable working one her own. You’ll get all the basics of what you need to do to get the job done…no matter how long it takes. You’ll get all the information and a lot less handholding. This is for someone who is comfortable asking themselves tough questions and willing to face whatever comes up without flinching. This also works if your schedule is more erratic, or you work night shift for instance.