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Can you think back to a time when you never gave a second thought to your weight? For a lot of women it’s a time back in their childhoods, before adolescence. For some, weight wasn’t a concern until after pregnancy or even the start of menopause.

For some, like it was for me, concerns about weight go back to your earliest childhood memories.

When it became a concern isn’t as important as realizing how much of your day to day thoughts are now consumed with worrying about what to eat, is it “good” or “bad”, when to eat…3 meals a day? 6 mini meals?,  how much to eat? when can I eat again?

What you should give up, how unfair it is that some people (your husband/boyfriend) lose weight so easily and for you it’s a battle to lose a few pounds.

How can you ever go out with friends again, socialize, tailgate…have fun…if you can’t even enjoy regular food????

Take a breath. It’s going to be okay.

I’ve got you.

I’ve been at this for 3 years now, and I’ve yet to meet a woman who can’t be helped.

Every day I’m helping women realize they’re not broken, it doesn’t have to be a struggle, they have all the willpower they’ll ever need…’cuz the way we do it has nothing to do with Willpower, and they no longer have to suffer to be successful.

I’ll help you craft an individual plan built just for you. One that takes into consideration everything about you, how you make decisions, what you like to eat (what you never want to give up), when you like to eat, where you like to eat.

Some women do better with a step-by-step approach, some work better with more freedom and flexibility.

I’ve got you.

Listen, you already know that restrictive quick fix diets don’t work for long. It’s usually only a matter of time before your resolve to “stick to it” dissolves and you’re back to square one. You’re scared to bet on yourself again…because you’ve failed so many times before.

I’ve got you.

  • You can be successful.
  • You can lose the weight for the last time.
  • You can become the woman who never spends a moment thinking about her weight ever again..’cuz it’s a done deal.

That’s what I do every day for my clients.

Helping YOU develop a plan that will allow you to lose the weight for the last time, and spend your time doing the things you really love.

So that you’ll be the one feeling the excitement and exhilaration about the future.

Ready to feel like that? Great, let’s hop on the phone for 60 minutes to answer your questions, and see if you’re ready to check weight loss off your to-do list.

Let’s Chat

Let’s Chat

Let’s Do This Thing

For the woman who realizes there is more to life. She’s not exactly how to get there (or sometimes where “there” even is), but she wants to get there as quickly as possible.

In this 6 month intensive coaching package you’ll prioritize exactly what you want to achieve. Then you’ll get a guided step by step process to get you there. We’ll be evaluating your results every step of the way and fine tuning, so you’ll never wonder “what do I do next?”

By the end of our 6 months together you’ll be an entirely new person. You’ll be feel more alive, vibrant and authentic than you dreamed possible.

What are you waiting for…Let’s Do this Thing!

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Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss

DIY Toolkit

This is a fast 5 weeks bare-bones approach. You’ll learn the tools you need so so can go the distance on your own. The weight loss will not be any faster, but you’ll have the know how to get the job done.

When you prefer simple clear directions and you like working on your own. “Just give me the bullet points and I’ll take it from there” attitude.

You’ve done lots of the mental work before and you feel confident that you’ll be able to do what needs to be done when it comes to your weight as well…if someone would just point you in the right direction.

We’ll work together for 5 weeks then we take the training wheels off and you’re on your own.

This is for you if you prefer working on your own, or your schedule doesn’t allow for you to carve out a regular time to focus on yourself.

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