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Remember being 20 years old?

Life was full of possibilities, fun, and it stretched out in front of you in an endless spool.

You were a “ballsy kick-ass babe”.

You were full of energy and enthusiasm for what might be, the places you would go, the people you would meet, the things you would do.

You dove head first into life.

Along the way you developed rhythms and routines, you hit your stride.

What a surprise it was the day you noticed how routine your routine had become.

While you were busy starting your career, falling in love, raising a family you somehow were so engrossed in the day to day process that you lost track of time and that  “thing” you thought “happened just a little while ago…” was actually 5 years ago…whoa.

And you heard the words you thought you’d never say fall out of your mouth….

“Time seems to be going by so much faster these days.”

Maybe you’re staring down the barrel of a milestone birthday, maybe it’s the loss of a job you thought you’d retire from, maybe it’s the end of a relationship. Whatever sparks the realization, it hits you like a ton of bricks.

“What the hell happened? And how did I end up here?”

Take a breath. It’s going to be okay.

This is a normal part of the growing up process for a whole bunch of us.

Actually, it’s the perfect time to take stock of where you are and what you still really want to do.

Because along with the whole waking up process comes the realization that the endless spool of time you had back in your 20’s is now looking pretty finite. For some of us it looks a whole lot like 20-30 years.

Time to prioritize the things that mean the most and say goodbye to the things that aren’t that important anymore.

Having a game plan or a clear sense of the direction you want to go can revitalize everything.

Listen, you’re not your parents’ or grandparents’ generation. You can be as active and vibrant as you choose to be.

Just say “no!” to velcro closures on walking shoes, and velour track suits. You still have places to go and people to meet.

You just need a little help sorting through the possibilities.

That’s what I do every day for my clients.

Helping YOU get clear on what you really want to spend your time on and developing a road map to get you there.

So that you’ll be the one feeling the excitement and exhilaration about the future.

Ready to feel like that? Great, let’s hop on the phone for 30 minutes to answer your questions, and see if you’re ready to sexy up your life.

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Let’s Do This Thing

For the woman who realizes there is more to life. She’s not exactly how to get there (or sometimes where “there” even is), but she wants to get there as quickly as possible.

In this 6 month intensive coaching package you’ll prioritize exactly what you want to achieve. Then you’ll get a guided step by step process to get you there. We’ll be evaluating your results every step of the way and fine tuning, so you’ll never wonder “what do I do next?”

By the end of our 6 months together you’ll be an entirely new person. You’ll be feel more alive, vibrant and authentic than you dreamed possible.

What are you waiting for…Let’s Do this Thing!

Jumpstart to Permanent Weight Loss

Roadmap to Your Dreams

Remember when you were young and life stretched out endlessly before you? You had lots of dreams and expectations for how things would or should be?

Yeah…well now you’re an adult. You’ve been in the groove taking care of business for such a long time. Now that your responsibilities are different, the kids have left home, maybe you’re leaving a long time career, perhaps your parents are starting to need you.

Suddenly you realize there are a finite number of years in your future and you’re a little freaked out, “Where did the time go?” Crap…

Road Map to Your Dreams is a budget friendly 5 week program to get you quickly moving towards your biggest goals now that you’re starting your empty-nest years.

Weight Loss Coaching Programs

I Need A Little Bit of Help!

Sometimes it seems as if your life is going pretty great, or at least normally, when out of the blue something crops up that throws you for a loop.

  • Maybe it was a visit to the doctor and some unexpected health news…for you, a family member or a friend.
  • Could be a hitch in your relationship.
  • Might be some change with your children or your parents.
  • Sometimes it’s a difficult situation at work.

Who knows. The thing is you want to deal with it before it becomes a bigger deal or before it completely derails your life.

You’ve heard about doing mindset work. How getting a new perspective on a situation has helped someone you know.

How making subtle changes to the way they were looking at or thinking about a situation had profound effects on their life, and they’re so much happier now.

You wonder if maybe this could work for you, too.

I Need a Little Bit of Help is for times when you need a boost to get over one of life’s hurdles. 5 weeks of guidance and support that will get you back to feeling great and getting on with the important things in life.